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AFRO-DITE necklace exhibited at HomiDesign Milano

AFRO-DITE necklace exhibited at HomiDesign Milano

The Aphro-dite jewel encloses in its name and shape the meeting between the African culture (Ghana) - expressed in Kente cloth - and Sicily, where Greeks and Arabs, in particular, have left their mark.
The jewel evokes in its sinuous shapes the Arabic style of a lowered arch inverted. The turquoise colour on the white background of the Ghanaian handmade tissue evokes the freshness of the waves that led to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Its colours are the traditional Ghanaian symbol of purity, love and harmony.
Paper plant was used to make the jewel. This material, ecologically sustainable and properly treated, gives rigidity to the bijoux, turning it into a sinuous collar framing the cloth, decorated with a 925 silver chain.
The jewel, selected by Artistar Jewels, is exhibited at Homi Design 2016 in Milan.
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    Korai x Kente Collections support the women’s entrepreneurship development in Ghanaian villages. A percentage of the sale price of KxK collections goes to a charity program of the ONG Ashanti Development: it is a microcredit project called "Yendaakyee" that in Twi means "Our Future".
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