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BALADI necklace

BALADI necklace

This first Korai x Kente by Ibekana Design collection wants to tell a mix of cultures.
"Baladi" literally means "my country" and is an Egyptian traditional dance. Its oriental flavour was the inspiration for the design of this jewel. Here three faces of Africa meet each other: the North, the West and the Far North (the multicultural Sicilian island).
The angular shape of the basic structure in white carton plant regulates the composition that is divided into three parts. The two ends are characterised by Kente cloth in shades of gold, symbolising royalty, glory and wealth, and white, symbolising purity and festivals. The central part is enriched with diamond-shaped doodles of paper made through the Quilling technique.
The silver/gold leaf and the silver chains that slip cascading down the centre of the necklace give more luster to the jewel.
  • Details

    Korai x Kente Collections support the women’s entrepreneurship development in Ghanaian villages. A percentage of the sale price of KxK collections goes to a charity program of the ONG Ashanti Development: it is a microcredit project called "Yendaakyee" that in Twi means "Our Future".
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