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Clutch GlassyBag Turquoise

Clutch GlassyBag Turquoise

The "Glassy Bags" belong to the new spring-summer collection of bags Korai x Kente in Cristal PVC.
Kente, the undisputed protagonist of KxK collections as always, winks at the modern trend, showing off through a cool game of transparencies, irresistible and super colourful. The old fabric of Ghanaian tradition shines with all its preciousness through the transparent modern material that combines style with practicality.

Comfortable, light, very practical, and super chic, the Glassy Bag is the perfect accessory to show off during the summer.

The Glassy Bag clutch is a handy mini-bag to carry by hand or to wear with the little chain strap for a refined and at the same time sporty style. The soft Cristal PVC shell shows the internal bag made of precious handmade woven Kente, interchangeable and available in many variations for a fun game of colours suitable in any occasions.

Glassy Bag - clutch
Cristal PVC clutch with small shoulder bag chain
Inner bag: handcrafted woven Kente (made in Ghana) interchangeable
Inner lining
Snap button
  • Details

    Korai x Kente Collections support the women’s entrepreneurship development in Ghanaian villages. A percentage of the sale price of KxK collections goes to a charity program of the ONG Ashanti Development: it is a microcredit project called "Yendaakyee" that in Twi means "Our Future".
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