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KAMMEO earrings

KAMMEO earrings

These pendant earrings are a remake of the classic cameo.
The classic cameo is characterized by beautiful carvings in low relief representing various subjects: perhaps the most famous are those with women's profile.
These earrings in the low relief decoration are replaced by the geometry of the Kente. According to the Ashanti symbolism, black means spiritual maturity and white symbolises purity and festivals.
The Kente cloth is set in an oval medallion of white carton plant, enriched by a teardrop pendant in white agate.
  • Details

    Korai x Kente Collections support the women’s entrepreneurship development in Ghanaian villages. A percentage of the sale price of KxK collections goes to a charity program of the ONG Ashanti Development: it is a microcredit project called "Yendaakyee" that in Twi means "Our Future".
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