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KxK Home decoration - Renewal and Wealth

KxK Home decoration - Renewal and Wealth

The KxK Christmas baubles are exclusive and handcrafted products, made of Kente cloth (the precious handmade fabric worn by the Ashanti Kings in Ghana, Africa) and coloured trimmings.
The fabric is handmade in Ghana, while the artisanal manufacturing is carefully handmade in Sicily (an Italian region having a great artisanal tradition).
The ornaments, unique and original, are good at being used both as home decoration and special Christmas tree baubles and Christmas gifts.
Kente colours and geometric patterns have different meanings that will be your special wish for this Christmas.
Green represents spiritual growth and renewal; yellow means beauty, wealth, and prosperity.
The packaging includes a small paper that explains colours meaning and the charity project you will support buying this decoration.

Bauble diameter: 8 cm
Golden string included
Handmade cotton Kente 100%