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VIOLET bracelet

VIOLET bracelet

In the Violet bracelet the matching between paper and Kente cloth characterising all the Korai x Kente by Ibekana Design collections gives way to the enhancing of the whole African fabric, called Kente.
The jewel comes with a rigid plastic structure slightly curved along the perimeter, and totally covered by the precious cloth worn by the Ghanaian Kings. It has cool colours: according to the symbolism of Ashanti people, purple means femininity whereas blue is peace, love and harmony.
The bracelet is patterned, exotic and contemporary together, and gives a touch of elegance to the wearer. It suits particularly to a sober look with possible variations of colours from the purple or blue of the bracelet.
  • Details

    Korai x Kente Collections support the women’s entrepreneurship development in Ghanaian villages. A percentage of the sale price of KxK collections goes to a charity program of the ONG Ashanti Development: it is a microcredit project called "Yendaakyee" that in Twi means "Our Future".
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