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coppole in tessuto kente,by koraixkente

KxK is a project of eco-design & eco-craft promoting values of social innovation and interculturalism. It focuses on Kente, the precious handmade fabric worn to create the robes of the Kings of Ghana.


KxK is the place where the skills of Kente weavers living in Ghanaian villages meet the know-how of Sicilian craftsmen. The result is a collection of design objects that are strictly handmade, unique and limited editions, made with the Kente cloth. The purpose is the revival of the ancient know-how and craft traditions of both the cultures: the Ghanaian and the Sicilian one.


KxK is the meeting place of two cultures that results in traditional manufacturing and design. They are the expression of the union of people and an instrument of promotion of "diversity" and "community".


KxK is the "KxK Network Lab", a laboratory of ideas and creativity, joining entrepreneurial and craft excellences in both countries.


Back to the artisans. We want to promote the quality and the value of unique and handcrafted products.




The respect of the environment starts from the choice of raw materials to be used in the production process: from the use of natural fibers to waste materials to be ricycled.




The entire production is entrusted to the work of several local manufacturers with a special care for "fragile people" and for the redemption of the land.




We look for no serial productions and the absolute uniqueness of each product, made with strips of Kente. KxK items are different from one another, unique and unrepeatable as well as their imperfections, according to the paradigm "No two alike."


DESIGNERS (from Sicily)


Morena Cannistraro (Archigiana)


Loredana D'Ambra (Ibekana Design)


Ida Di Bella (Le Curine Collection)





DESIGNERS (from Ghana)


Stephen Martey Apedo Kofi (Smak Klodin)



ARTISANS (from Sicily)


Patrizia Faldetta (Antica Cravatteria Uno)

Caterina Nicosia

Francesco Papia


ARTISANS (from Ghana)


The weavers of the Ashanti region




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